I decided to open this new section to be able to publish some of the posts I find original and useful to both english speaking and spanish speaking bloggers. Enough introduction.

The first post relates to a Syndrome called G.A.S.S. According to the official Adsense Blog:

Speaking to AdSense publishers at face-to-face events and in reading emails and forums, we on the AdSense team have seen a phenomenon develop that’s probably best described as G.A.S.S. – Google AdSense Stats Syndrome. The primary sign of affliction is the compulsive need to check AdSense stats every 15 minutes or so to see how much you’ve earned since your prior login. Sufferers face strong withdrawal when separated from a PC with Internet access and have been known to experience mild abdominal discomfort and general irritability.

I came up with a list of many other syndromes apart from G.A.S.S. I’m having because of Adsense:

  • Adsense Blindness – I tend to avoid clicking Adsense Ads unconsciously because of the mental block I developed to avoid clicking my own ads. I believe webmasters are a lousy audience in terms of Adsense.
  • The What-if-someone-clicked-from-this-IP-before syndrome This is a strange case I’ve seen develop recently and not everybody is vulnerable. Most cases are found between those who use a corporate-proxy fixed IP, dialup, public PCs or even hotspots. What if someone who used the same IP just minutes before is a great fan of your blog and a compulsive ad clicker, and after this fellow you login into your Adsense account only to see “Oh, sorry, same IP, you are cheating!”, whatif ?, WHAT IF??

I found these two affecting myself recently but I’m sure as your incomes grow new fears appear. What are your Syndromes?

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