Sometimes saying things like they should be doesn’t get the same effect as saying them how they shouldn’t be. Here goes a list to avoid getting links to your blog:

1. Leave comments in blogs about how nice is your blog and ask readers to pay a visit (try to leave more than one comment in various posts).

2. Send emails to other bloggers with depersonalized and generic text asking for links to your blog. The more bloggers get your email and the uglier your message, the better.

3. If you sent an email asking for links, be sure to send it more than once until you get a response. Don’t get lazy!

4. Post irrelevant comments in forums using a signature full of links to your blogs, saying things like “Very Nice!” or “Well Done!”.

5. Make sure your blog is full of ads and spam so nobody could read anything.

6. Make sure not to post more than one or two posts before start asking for links. Watch out! if you happen to post original and useful content, you could be linked!

7. Search for blogs that cover topics your blog doesn’t. For example, if your blog talks about your doggie, search for marketing blogs and ask them for links.

8. Create as many blogs as you can using free services and fill them all with links to your site. That way, if a blogger thinks about giving you a link, let him do a Technorati search and find out what your real intentions are.

9. If all of the above doesn’t work, become a spammer. If you are lucky enough, you could get arrested and extradited to a nice and warm country and spend some time in jail, or just be hated by the blogosphere.

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